Dental Implants with crown just £1550!

Standard Implant: £1550

+ Implant Assessment including X-ray: £80
+ in house CT-Scanner for precise Treatment Planning

Atlantic Dental Newquay

You can reach Newquay via Airport, Railway or Road easily. And you will probably enjoy your stay at the seaside…
Atlantic Dental offers high standard dental implant treatment: Our modern Clinic in Newquay is just a few hundred meters away from the magic Surf- beaches of Cornwall. Despite our very affordable fees we strive to create a first class experience in a very relaxed atmosphere for every single patient.  Our team provides mainly dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and advanced restorative treatments for Patients from Cornwall and all across the UK.  At Atlantic Dental we offer a FREE initial consultation (£80 fee will be refunded against treatment) including panoramic X-ray as well as a written report and Treatment Plan. View our Price List

We are also providing:
Teeth straightening: Ceramic and lingual braces, Clear aligners
Anti Wrinkle Injections: Dermal Fillers, Botulinum Toxin
Telescopic Dentures and Precision Attachments 
Teeth Whitening 

Consultation and Treatment Planning

placement of dental implants At Atlantic Dental we take time to discuss your existing dental health condition in detail as well as explaining different treatment options. We are using Computer Programs to visualize treatment options and every Patient will receive a Report and a written Treatment Plan. Dental implant cost in the UK varies between £3000 and from £1550 at Atlantic Dental. Our Dental implant prices are among the lowest in the UK  For Dental implant prices click here

state of the art equipment Equipment and Facilities

We have invested in state of the art surgeries equipped with Sirona treatment centres and designer furniture. We also have an on-site dental laboratory which enables us to provide same day dentures and provisional bridges.Dental implant surgery is carried out by the Dental implant specialist under strict sterile conditions. We have a Local Disinfection Unit which means all instruments are cleaned and sterilized in a special designed room away from the surgery minimizing the risk of cross infections.

In House CT-Scanner
In order to provide the best possible treatment planning we have invested in a CT- Scanner. While ‘normal’ x-rays provide only 2 dimensional images the 3 dimensional image from a CBCT (Cone Beam Computer Tomography) will enable us to take  exact and accurate measurements. While the radiation dose of our CT -Scanner is low (2-3 x of a Panoramic X-ray) we don’t advocate the use of the Scanner for every Patient! But especially for Patients with limited bone and the proximity of anatomical structures like the sinus cavity or the mandibular nerve canal the use of a CT-Scanner is essential for the correct diagnostic and will enable the surgeon to place implants precisely.   Read more here

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Free Transfer from Cornwall Airport
For patients travelling  via Cornwall Airport we offer a free transfer from and to our clinic.

What are Dental Implants?

also referred to as: Dental tooth implants or Teeth implants. These titanium ‘roots’ are placed in the jaw with means of a minor surgical procedure. The placement of implants  is carried out mostly under local anaesthesia or intravenous sedation. Dental tooth implants can be used to replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. Dentures can also can be stabilized with Locator Abutments or Bar Abutments.  As an experienced Dental implant specialist Dr Nelz will not use inferior materials or implants.


Treatment Example

The gum around the implant has healed nicely and is stable. Dental Implant treatment in the Front tooth region or the ‘Aesthetic Zone‘ is regarded as more difficult then placing implants in other areas as mistakes can result in major aesthetic problems.

treatment example


Dr. Peer Nelz is registered with the GDC and adheres to the GDC Standards for dental professionals.

GDC Registration: 82848

Link to the GDC Website


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